BANDIMAL App Reviews

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Tons of Fun!!

My 5 year old and 2 year old LOVE it.

I’m an adult and I love it!

I bought this for my 4 year-old daughter but I find myself exploring the possibilities of music making using this app. The sounds are wonderful and the animation is pleasing to watch. Unlike full-fledge music composition apps, you can’t really go wrong with almost any combination the user put together... it just sounds anywhere from acceptable to harmonious anyway you make it. My only hope is that the compositions can be converted to .wav or .mp3 files for export.

Sound not working?

Was very excited to play with this app, however the sound does not seem to be working. I’ve restarted it, restarted my iPad, double checked my volume is on and working in other apps. Looking for an update that will hopefully fix this issue. Still want to try the app out, just hope a fix comes soon!

Initial Sound issues fixed

Make sure your sound effects are not on mute under control panel.

Excellent for kids, but with surprising depth

BANDIMAL is the latest from Yatatoy, which makes some really beautiful apps for kids. I try to limit their screen time, but the Yatatoy apps, I’m happy to let them play. This app feels like a spiritual sucessor to LOOPIMAL, another very cool looping/sequencer from the same team. BANDIMAL adds a lot of interesting things: more sounds, more animations, drum kit and varying playback rates for the different voices, so compositions stay fresh and unpredictable. The interface is fully discoverable by a 4 year old (or even an adult), and the sounds are always pleasing. It seems to perform best on newer hardware.


Dont recommend this at all crashes way to much i want a refund if the crashing cant be fixed btw i have an ipad 2 and three and it doesnt work on either

My daughter loves it!

Very fun to use, just takes a little to figure out all the toggles, but that is half the fun imo. Love the app!

Huge fan of Yatatoy

Always love everything Yatatoy does but this is on another level. Kids and I had a blast over the weekend creating music. A must have for any parent.


App crashes during every use.

Cutest music app on the store

Long time fan of Loopimal. Always wished I could save my compositions on there, and BANDIMAL has a save feature! Totally worth it just for that.

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