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BANDIMAL way cute!

Such a cute app and very intuitive. Easy to make catchy tunes and the animation is enough to make you laugh out loud (I’m looking at you, whale!). Kids will love it!


This app all of of sudden showed up as a purchase on my iTunes account.


I ❤️ BANDIMAL! 🍀❤️🌷🦖🦔🤟


So I am an adult and this app is way fun. I wish there is a way to record or export music, however. I also wish for more animals and sounds.

Amazing app for kids to create their own..

This is the first review I have written in years.. but I had to! What an amazing app! I just purchased and tried it out myself and I love it! I cannot wait to show my four boys! They are going to LOVE it! Like the creators statedthere is no right or wrong, kids can create songs or beats all their own and have something to be proud of! Great job on this!


It’s not what I thought it was going to be. I would really like a refund. Thanks.

Had fun first try

Great tunes on the first run of the app. Smiling the whole time.

This app needs to be exposed

I have never written a review about an app before. Mostly because either I felt like the developer tried to make something great and just came up a bit short and the experience was neither good or bad or the app was made perfectly and I had no complaints, but then I tried this app and I have never been so confused with the purpose of an app. I literally paid 4 dollars to hear a bunch of ruckus that sounds like 2 yr olds playing with toys. I was very hopeful that I had found something amazing when I came across this app, but my hopes were quickly demolished as I began to test it out. Just so you don’t waste your money here are the reasons why the app does not exceed my expectations 1. I had no control over what I was making and it was a completely terrible experience. This app would be especially difficult for a little kid. 2. When it came to making a melody you only have about 10 or so sounds. 50% of which sound horrible. So ur odds of making something totally unique from your last project are very slim. 3. Once u have selected a sound there are only five possible notes that it can be played with............ONLY 5!!!! I swear, these guys spent two years making this app and one thing they didn’t think about was developing a sense of variety into the music making process. Honestly kind of pathetic. 4. I will combine 3 complaints into 1 for time sake on this point. There are only 3 hi-hat, snare, and kick patterns...Again i know u might want to keep things simple for the kids, but I think a little kid would have more fun learning how to make music using Logic Pro or FL Studio simply because those platforms allow them to be more creative than this app will ever allow them to be. There is so much more that is terrible with this app but I will end it on this. In the app description, the developers say “Everything will sound great - we designed it that way” and I find this quote slightly crazy. First of all, I made 1 song.... just 1, and it sounded terrible so that quote about the app is extremely inaccurate. There is no way to always make a song that sounds amazing, thats just the truth, sone melodies and drum loops just don’t sound right together or in general. Eventually you will make a mistake and the song won’t sound very good and thats ok, but that doesn’t mean you should get discouraged, just start a new project that was better than your last one and continue to learn. Also, these developers are trying to inspire kids to get into music, I get it. But you cannot force music to sound a certain way like this app does. Thats what makes music such a fun thing to get into is that it can sound however you want it to. This app fails on so many levels to grasp that concept which is why i give it such a poor rating

Love this

Great app



cute but...

I want to be able to use more than three animals at any time. Also the knobs and backgrounds are very limited.

iTunes Gift Cards

Ok...can I get something straight? Why didn’t I find this sooner?! I found this through app of the day and it immediately caught my attention. I wanted to buy it. Ahh! But I had an iTunes gift card pack and already spent it on others! I have it now, though, and it’s really convinced me into making music and songs! It’s making my imagination run wild! Amazing job, Yatatoy! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store!


They say this is an app for kids, but I’m a 33 year old man and love it 😂 Really polished app, well done. Maybe make the option to export ringtones?

Amazingly amazing

This is the best game ever however can you PLEASE add more animals or do a mixup like add that bird from the other music app with the clapping bear or the blue bird 😋

Great game

Bandimals is a great app however maybe not perhaps worth the money paid for it. I love the way the animals noises come together to make a wonderful symphony of pure harmony, but it would still be cool if there where more animals to choose from, and more options to fiddle with. Thanks!

Super cute!

Great follow up to LOOPIMAL, although bummed we can’t have 4 animals. Still a great app, the toddler absolutely loves it


Great app for children and adults

5 stars but fix crashes

Crashes short after creating a tune on iPhone 10

Incredible and Cool!

I love this game so much. I’ve even made so much that I can’t even add anymore in case I delete it! Even the Jellyfish, Snake, and even Chicken sound amazing in my music. I hope you read this because I love your Apps!✌️😍😍

Not enough animals / sounds / effects

Every song sounds almost the same. For this kind of money I expect much more. Bored after one day and so are the kids. Need more of everything... More different notes / octaves / tempos / everything.


Absolutely delightful!

Incompatible with iPhone X?

Does not seem to work with the iPhone X. (There is no home button. ) It would not respond to an up swipe. Consequently, I had to restart my phone to exit the app. It did not hold my toddlers attention. She likes other music making apps for children. Maybe it works better on other iPhones?Would like my money back?

Best app ever

No matter what I do, the music I make is so good! Love this app, keep on going !!!! I would like it if we could have more animals for more possibilities, but other than that this game is awesome!

Awesome but...

It is a good game although you can only compose like 12 songs.Its annoying because you would want to compose more.A. LOT MORE! Like infinite songs.

I love this

I know this app is for kids but I love this game. I got all of my coworkers to play as well. It’s a lot of fun to explore music through this! I hope there will be an update to get more animals in this in he near future!!

Forget the kids. Fun for adults

Sometimes you just need to let your inner composer come out. This gem let's me groove to my own beat without having to use any energy. It's a great way to relax after a long day. My only wish is that there was a way to export the music I make to listen out of the app or share with others.

I need help

May I please have a refund I have accidentally paid for this when I was trying to cancel it .It registered due to me trying to go back to the home screen I have my iPhone to the setting in which I use my finger print. Please contact me if I could get a refund I have not downloaded it or even played it thank you

Tons of Fun!!

My 5 year old and 2 year old LOVE it.

I’m an adult and I love it!

I bought this for my 4 year-old daughter but I find myself exploring the possibilities of music making using this app. The sounds are wonderful and the animation is pleasing to watch. Unlike full-fledge music composition apps, you can’t really go wrong with almost any combination the user put together... it just sounds anywhere from acceptable to harmonious anyway you make it. My only hope is that the compositions can be converted to .wav or .mp3 files for export.

Sound not working?

Was very excited to play with this app, however the sound does not seem to be working. I’ve restarted it, restarted my iPad, double checked my volume is on and working in other apps. Looking for an update that will hopefully fix this issue. Still want to try the app out, just hope a fix comes soon!

Initial Sound issues fixed

Make sure your sound effects are not on mute under control panel.

Excellent for kids, but with surprising depth

BANDIMAL is the latest from Yatatoy, which makes some really beautiful apps for kids. I try to limit their screen time, but the Yatatoy apps, I’m happy to let them play. This app feels like a spiritual sucessor to LOOPIMAL, another very cool looping/sequencer from the same team. BANDIMAL adds a lot of interesting things: more sounds, more animations, drum kit and varying playback rates for the different voices, so compositions stay fresh and unpredictable. The interface is fully discoverable by a 4 year old (or even an adult), and the sounds are always pleasing. It seems to perform best on newer hardware.


Dont recommend this at all crashes way to much i want a refund if the crashing cant be fixed btw i have an ipad 2 and three and it doesnt work on either

My daughter loves it!

Very fun to use, just takes a little to figure out all the toggles, but that is half the fun imo. Love the app!

Huge fan of Yatatoy

Always love everything Yatatoy does but this is on another level. Kids and I had a blast over the weekend creating music. A must have for any parent.


App crashes during every use.

Cutest music app on the store

Long time fan of Loopimal. Always wished I could save my compositions on there, and BANDIMAL has a save feature! Totally worth it just for that.

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