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Tricky but powerful -- and very fun -- this sound mixing experience turns your iPad or iPhone into a eight bar mixing machine. It comes from famed app creator/musician Lucas Zanotto (see Loopimal).

YATATOY Bandimal jam

A quick live jam with Bandimal for iOS, which showed up on the App Store a few minutes ago. Download link:


Our 4th app is out! Get BANDIMAL here: ...more on

LOOPIMAL by YATATOY Game Play - Lucas Zanotto - IOS

app store : The best way for young kids to learn about making music! "It's a sickeningly charming world that will make...


Get it on the App Store: Build loops! - Create sequences! - Compose music!


Drawnimal App review by TeachHUB Magazine


An unlikely group of animals teams up with their unique instruments to create a spectacular spectacle of entertainment. I made the music. I made the animation. I made everything. It took me...

App of the week~LOOPIMAL

Thanks for watching this weeks app of the week Loopimal is a pretty fun music app although its a kid app its really fun:) SOCIAL MEDIA:) Instagram:...

FurryBand ™ ::: Free music app :::

FurryBand ™ (Free music app): Description: FurryBand ™ is a free musical app in which you can easily create a mix...

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